Perched in Persian Gulf, the hidden gem of middle-east, Bahrain has much more history than one can expect when compared to its neighbor. Bahrain is one of the most liberal and tolerant states in the middle-east. The land is known for its spices and pearls and has been the epicenter of major trade routes in middle-east since antiquity. The nation is also a host to twin towers of its world trade center and the F1 racing track in Bahrain sees international racers every year.

Travelers from all around the globe are now showing their interest to explore this unrevealed land and recently the country has witnessed a huge number of tourists flocking to their land. There are a lot of myths going on in our mind when we apply for a visa. But when it comes to applying for a visa to visit Bahrain, many questions may arise inside your mind. Here, I have tried to cover all your queries, so that you can have a smooth Bahrain visa application process.

Can I get visa on arrival?

  • Yes, you can get Bahrain visa on arrival at the airport.

How many days will it take to receive visa for Bahrain?

  • It hardly takes 4 to 5 days to avail Bahrain visa. But depending on the urgency and if the urgency is reasonable, you can obtain visa within 24 to 48 hours from Bahrain visa consultant in Delhi.

How long can I stay in Bahrain?

  • A foreigner can stay in Bahrain for maximum 14 days. If you need to stay a more longer, you should contact the Bahrain embassy to know the procedure and apply for it.

Do I need to get yellow fever vaccination to visit Bahrain?

  • There is no risk of getting affected by yellow fever in Bahrain. You just need to provide your medical health report and if you are not traveling from a place which is affected by yellow fever, you don’t need to get vaccinated for it.

Is Bahrain E-visa for single entry or multiple entry?

  • Bahrain E-visa entitles you for multiple entry.

What do I need to submit for applying Bahrain E-visa?

  • You must hold a passport which has at least 6 months of validity in it. Apart from that, you need to provide scan copy of your recent passport photograph, return flight ticket (not mandatory) and bank statement to prove that you are financially eligible to bear your expenses in Bahrain.

Applying for visa online has become very smooth as it provides all necessary information related to document requirements. To get more assistance while applying for visa, contact Bahrain Visa Assistance in Delhi.

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