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Taking care of your truck is essential for ensuring its longevity. Foton Philippines has the best modern tech for trucks, but even the best trucks need regular maintenance. Keeping everything in check is important because usually, if one part fails, it could affect other related components as well. Here are some truck care tips:

Keep your Exterior Clean
It’s always good to keep things clean, inside and out. Keeping the paint and exterior parts of your truck clean will keep your truck presentable and maintain the color of your paint. Your truck is constantly exposed to environmental effects; dust, heat, and debris can damage your truck’s paint. It’s easy to disregard this but body damages can lead to rust, and rust is never good for any vehicle. You can wash your truck once every two
days, you can have it waxed once a month for maximum paint protection.

Constantly Check Your Fluids
Making sure that you have enough fluids will prevent your truck from expensive damages and keep it running smooth. It’s important that you never run on low fluids. Lack of coolant can lead to overheating, lack of oil can lead to engine damage, and lack of power steering fluid can lead to steering pump damage. All of which are very costly repairs. Keeping your fluids in check will prevent these, you can also foresee and prevent any damages from occurring by spotting leaks.

Rotate Your Tires
It’s easy to ignore rotating your tires. Rotating your tires will ensure that they’ll last long by equalizing tread wear. Not only will this prolong the life of your tires, this can also improve gas mileage and reduce the wear of your suspension components. A great benefit of rotating your tires regularly is making sure that your truck handles well. The schedule of tire rotation depends on a variety of factors; how you drive, the road conditions you drive on, the tires you’re using, and tire temperatures. Observe the wear
pattern of your tires and keep tabs on your previous tire rotations. From then on, you’ll have an estimate on when you should rotate your tires next. But most drivers simply check the wear on their tires.

Align Your Tires
Wheel alignment is essential if you want to prolong the life of your tires and to keep your truck from handling sluggishly. Misaligned tires can also affect your gasoline consumption. Poor handling and excessive tire wear, those are two things you want to avoid as a truck driver. You might find yourself purchasing a new set of tires earlier than expected. Once you feel your car pulling to once side despite keeping the steering wheel straight, you might want to take it to your mechanic right away to inspect if your wheels aren’t aligned.

Regular Oil Change
This is a basic for automotive maintenance. Never miss an oil change. When your truck is scheduled for a preventive maintenance check, never delay to take your truck to your mechanic. Foton Philippines requires their owners to have their trucks checked regularly and never miss any. Regularly changing your oil will ensure that your engine performs well and lasts long.

Key Takeaway
It’s important to know the basics of truck care. Keeping your truck in good shape is the best way to make sure your vehicle ages well and runs smooth. If you feel that something is wrong, follow your gut and take it to the mechanic right away. Sometimes simple problems could lead to expensive and severe damages.

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