Emergencies can strike any time at any place. Most of the emergencies like natural disasters cannot be predicted and can be a threat to the life and property. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared for emergencies and use the safety equipment to save your families.

Emergency preparedness kits help people to keep the things ready for the emergency like situations. Although most people don’t care about preparing an emergency survival kit, it is essential to maintain a kit ready for such circumstances.

If you have never thought of getting an emergency survival kit, you should prepare one for the safety of your home and family. This post shares the best tips for the preparation of an emergency survival kit.


As fire is one of the man’s ancient survival tools. So if you don’t have the means to ignite a fire, it means you are not prepared for the emergency. A waterproof matchstick, striker and lighter are the essential items of an emergency kit.

Keep a Ferro rod, waterproof matches, and a firelighter in your survival kit. There are multiple ways to lit a fire without matches or lighter; however they are complicated and take more time to use.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is one of the essential items that every family should keep in their survival kit. However, the first aid kit for emergencies should be compact to fit in a survival kit. A complete full-size package can take all your packing space.

You should be prepared for any medical emergency, but you should also have space for other essential items.

Survival blankets

Survival blankets can keep you warm and save you from the chilling wind in the winter, fall or spring. They are small and look like a thin foil, but they are very efficient for heat retention and protect your body from the external cold.

NASA first designed the survival blankets also known as space blankets for the survival of astronauts in space. However, they are also come handy in emergencies for the people on earth.

Food and Water

Your kit should also have sufficient food and water for all your family members. Most of the times, it takes around a week for the conditions to become normal and food and water supplies are scarce.

Therefore it is essential to have enough food and water so that your family can survive until the supplies are restored. The food includes the packed and dry foods that do not spoil in any weather. Make sure you pack the food items in the air and waterproof containers to protect them from the external conditions.

Pack enough water in bottles to drink for 3 to 4 days and a portable water purifier so that you can take water from external sources and purify it before drinking.

Hygiene items

In addition to the food and water people also need hygiene items like toilet papers, face masks, washcloth, etc. Also, you need to pack the toothbrush, toothpaste, latex gloves, and feminine napkins. Some emergencies involve spreading of harmful particle matter or virus in the air that can cause various diseases. You need an N95 dust and virus mask to protect your family from such matter.


Finding shelter is difficult in emergencies as most of the things get destroyed. You need to prepare your own accommodation to protect your family from external conditions. A portable tent is the best to provide shelter to a family of four to five members. A camping tent is perfect for shade as it is compact enough to be packed in the survival kit.

Cash checks and credit cards

Buying the items without the cash or credit cards is difficult. Having your cheques and credit card is essential in emergencies. Sometimes the ATMs also stop working, and there is a scarcity of cash that you need to buy the necessary items.

Therefore credit cards are a great way to buy things in case of emergencies. Make sure you put your debit cards, credit cards, and some cash in a pouch in the survival kit.

Important documents

There are many important documents for every individual such as the ID proofs and address proofs. Don’t forget to pack the essential documents like driving license, identity cards, residential proofs, passport and any other documents that are proof of your identity and citizenship.

Final Words

These are a few essential things that every family should pack in their survival kit. However, there are many other things that you should pack according to the individual needs and preferences. For example, people should keep special medicines if they are undergoing any treatment. People should take care of their personal needs so that they can have them when they need such items.

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