Most of us get the interiors of our house painted overlooking the exterior walls. However, with every climatic season, the condition of the exterior walls gets deteriorated. Sunlight, moisture, dust, and other factors contribute to the worsening of conditions of the walls.

When we paint the surface of the walls, the fresh film of paint is resistant to water contact. However, the moisture gradually begins to get between the paint film and the wall’s surface. When the gloss starts to fade, the paint film starts to get weak. This loss of gloss results in the chalking, which is a surefire sign of the deterioration of the condition.

Then there is the exposure to the harmful ultraviolet which further reduces the lifespan of the paint film. Sunlight breaks the binder of the paint and leaves behind the powder on the surface of the walls.

Painting the exterior walls help them withstand the climatic changes which cause the surface to expand in summers and contract in the winters. You have to paint these walls with the paint which can tolerate the harsh climate conditions, pollution, dust, and heat in your area.

Here are the problems and their causes that make it necessary to paint the exterior walls of your house or office or any other structure.

To Fix Alligatoring

You may have seen some reptile-like cracks in the paint films that generally look like an alligator. This problem of paint cracking is termed as Alligatoring. The most prevalent cause of this problem is the ageing of oil-based paints. Over time, they become hard and brittle. Then the constant expansion and contraction due to the weather transformation cause the film to lose grip and fall off.

You can fix this issue by clearing the surface using sandpaper or chemical strippers. Then apply the primer that is meant for walls and apply two coats of an acrylic color of your choice.

Besides alligatoring, painting the walls also cures and prevents other types of cracks as well. Some other problems of the paint include chalking, blistering, peeling, tannin staining, fading, and others.

To Boost Its Appearance

As the paint on the walls age, it begins to look shady to the eyes. To give it a refreshing look, you need to paint the walls at regular intervals. Also, exterior walls are the ones that any visitor will see first. So, they need to be clean and appealing enough to leave a good impression on them.

The colors and type of paint that you use reflect your choice in this regard. Painting the walls, especially the exterior ones, help transform even an ages-old house.

To Protect Building Materials

Along with the improvement in the appearance of the home, paint job helps prevent the deterioration of other building materials as well. It is even more critical for those who reside in wooden structures.

This is because wood is more vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and water. It may expand due to moisture. Adequate paint job helps reduce the effect of water content on the wood. Also, timely painting the exteriors of your house makes it look as good as a new one.

It increases the value of the property

The more appealing a property looks, the better is its resale value. If you want to sell your house anytime soon, then painting the entire structure must be on your priority list. Also, you must not skip the exterior part of your home as well.

It is an investment that will definitely bring the returns along. Most of the property buyers want a house which has an aesthetic appeal in all its parts. You may also lose the buyers if you skip it since it is actually a crucial thing to do. It may still affect the overall price of your property even if you do not want to sell it right away.

Even if you do not want to sell your property, painting it will ensure that the walls and you breathe more fresh air at your place. Basically, it enhances the standard of your living as well.


No other thing helps transform the aesthetics of a house as quick as a paint job. Irrespective the color and type of paint, one fresh coat does wonders every single time. The gloss of the walls comes back. Along with the visual appearance, it improves the lifespan of the walls and other building materials as well.

Painters Sydney takes care of all the needs of its clients and delivers the best in class results. A paint job is not as easy as it might seem from a distance, and that’s the reason you need a professional, or a team of professionals to do that for you.

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