With Halloween, comes a lot of interesting stories.

Many people swear that it is the official day when monsters and ghosts roam freely on earth. But, as many of us don’t want to freak ourselves out by believing on it, we choose to get dressed like them and party like hell on this day.

Moreover, Halloween is more about kids and less about us adults. After all, kids are the ones who are overwhelmed by the idea of getting dressed in the creepiest costumes and going for trick or treat, right?

What did the 2-year old wear?

But the interesting news today is not about the celebration and parties, it’s all about the costume that a two year old toddler flaunted on the day of Halloween.

This cute looking girl, was seen carrying her head in her arms, on a plate. Don’t freak out yet, it was actually a costume. And yes, it did take a lot of effort to achieve that look.

Who made the costume?

The entire credit for her dress goes to her mom, who meticulously crafted the dress that freaked out everyone who saw the toddler wearing it and walking down the street.

The picture itself went viral and people can’t stop adoring the cute girl who appears to walk with her severed head in her arms.

How did she achieve this look?

The mom was surely a smart one, as she chose a cute floral frock and cut it at the chest area from where the girl would take her head out. Then, she made fake arms and neck which was placed at top of the dress which completed the entire look. And trust me, it did look real.

The exact matching skin color of the arm added that extra X factor to the entire Halloween get up and made it look real as hell. But wait, there’s more.

For that super extra creepiness, her mom added a bucket in place of her real head, in which she could collect her candies. Damn, the mom is really creative.

Where is the girl from?

This little girl in from the Philippines. And her name is ‘Maya’.

I bet, when 2-year-old Maya went trick-or-treating in her village in Parañaque City, she was really feeling proud about her mom’s effort in making this clever costume.

A video was made that showed this adorable girl walking down the street, and you guessed it right, it quickly became an interesting news that people started to share like crazy. The video has already been shared more than 12 million times, by the way.

She even won the award of best Halloween costume.

Undoubtedly, this little girl deserved to win the award. And she did. Her mom even posted a picture while she was getting her ready. In that picture she is seen covered in lots of duct tape which had the caption, “For those who are asking…Yes, I did make her headless costume. Maya has been excited and super game with everything even when I had to wrap her with strips and strips of duct tape to form the fake body. What a trooper!

What else did she keep in mind?

Maya’s mom made sure that she involved her daughter in the process of creating the scary look, so she was not frightened since she knew it’s all fake.

There is no doubt that the whole costume was a real head-tuner. And I hope little Maya knows that she had created a sensation in the world of interesting news.

In Conclusion:

It might be a simple festival for many people who don’t involve in the Halloween spirit, but for those who do, there is a hell lot of scope in creating something so freakish yet so cute. I am sure this super mom loves Halloween as much as Maya does.

I am already counting days until I get to see Maya in her next year’s Halloween couture. And I bet it is going to be scarier than this year’s.

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