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Working in an overseas job in the Philippines can scare a lot of people. You have to deal with new cultures, people, languages, and experiences. Not to mention, it may also be financially straining in the beginning since you have to start over. A lot of overseas workers have to invest a lot of money to buy a new apartment, car, etc. But, working abroad can be a good career opportunity, especially in our very globalized society. These are the reasons why you will progress in your career faster with an overseas job:

You get exposure to new cultures
Culture, in the simplest term, refers to how common experience affects the daily living of one group. Groups can be defined by race, nationality, gender, religion and more.

In a very globalized world, it is a necessity for everyone to develop some form of cultural competence because more than one culture exists in every country.
For example in the Philippines, the country is not only dominated by the traditions and religions of Filipinos. Every citizen also has some knowledge about the culture of Chinese citizens because their race has resided in this country for thousands of years.

You need cultural competence because it will help you:
● Be sensitive to the difference of others
● Understand where other people come from
● Understand how the cultures of other people affect the human society we live in as a whole
● Understand how the different cultures are taken into account when policies, proposals, and rules are made in a country.

Additionally, learning new cultures help you develop more as a person in a personal and psychological level. For psychologists, neuroscience and culture have a direct relationship. Because of the plasticity of our brains, culture is literally ingrained in our minds and it will change the way we self-reflect, perceive events and more.
When you work at overseas jobs in the Philippines, you cannot help but be formed by the experiences around you. You become more self-aware and see problems in your home country in a different light. When you go to another nation, you may find the answers to problems you couldn’t find at home. These are could problems in career, personal, social and more.

You gain more job skills
Jobs will prioritize you work experience and skills the most. Nowadays, education is rarely enough or even matters to HR personnel hiring. When you work abroad, you can learn new job skills that are hard to get in your home country. These job skills include
● Fluency in more than 1 language
● Problem solving
○ According to Harvard Business Review, professionals who have
international experience are more creative when it comes to solving
work issues

● Soft skills ( great intelligence in dealing with the emotions of people and
● Depending on the office you go to, you will develop your talents in
○ Technology
○ Programming
○ Administrative work
○ Finance
○ Engineering

and more
When you gain all these skills from working overseas, you have more chances of being promoted faster because you have unique experiences peers who never worked abroad don’t have.

Many of the biggest firms, such as Nestle, Adidas, are multinational. They operate in so many countries and need to mark differently depending on the specific culture of each of their markets. You will find it hard to progress up the corporate ladder during your starting years. In the finance industry, around 59% in 10 employees believe you
will be promoted quickly if you have some form of international experience.

You gain helpful networks
When you want to get ahead in your career, who you know is just as important as what you know. Most people think that networking with people abroad is sufficient through just video chat and email. While you could just resort to technology, the internet doesn’t provide the personal part sufficient in relationships, including working
ones. Without this personal part, it is hard for people to trust you. When you take an overseas job, you meet influential people abroad who can give helpful opportunities later on in your career.

You will be seen as a serious competitor
You have no choice but to be seen as competitive because the job market is highly competitive. Everyone is fighting with people who are as good or even better than them over career opportunities which only have a few slots open for hopefuls.

Having an overseas job will make a serious competitor because:
● You have work experience few of your peers have gone through
● People have no choice but to be scared of you because you were brave enough to hold a job in a foreign country. A lot of people are scared to leave friends and family, even if the job has good pay and opportunities.
● You already connections abroad that can help you

Key Takeaway:
Working abroad simply scares a lot of people. You will leave your old life behind and deal with new cultures, people, language and experiences in another country. Yet, fear shouldn’t stop you because working abroad is a great career opportunity based on the stated reasons on this list.

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