Technical Analysis

Trading is the best thing you can do in the world because…

Because it is a profitable hobby.

It is so devastating.

Not only do you have fun, you earn money with it.

Is there anything better? It is the perfect combination!

Now the school starts. Or rather, “the return to work”. And you have two options: Or that this year is another year or that it is a year to frame.

It’s not for nothing, but January 1 is a very bad time to start with New Year’s resolutions. Leave if you want to after Christmas the diet and the gym.

But now, that the market really begins to move, it’s time to put the batteries with trading.

It has a “problem”: It is exciting

In trading, less lose some operations, everything else is great. I like everything:

I like to analyze the market, I like to spend my trackers and select candidates, I like to raise my strategies on the most interesting values, I like to do the calculations and send the orders to the broker.

I like to manage my positions and I love to stick the stop losses of the positions that advance in my favor to ensure floating profits.

I even like to document my operations and learn more with each new adventure I get into. Even losing operations have that good.

I love short-term trades, especially bearish ones. Taking 20% off the investment in an operation in a week and a half is a spectacular sensation. (You know that it is not the overall account, but it is equally satisfactory: The account grows also thanks to these brilliant movements).

I like to let the profits run in the medium term positions. That of winning without doing anything, just waiting without more, is also something very rewarding.

I even like the long-term investment (more and more!) That feeling of saving and growing your savings in the most efficient way possible is one more taste than you sign up for.

I like intraday, operating in real time as you fight to decipher what the sharks are doing behind the screen. When you see it clearly, you turn that clarity into hard cash in a matter of minutes. It is a great feeling.

Trading has more advantages than you imagine

It’s good for your pocket, but it’s even better for your health:

It gets you used to checking your mental and physical state constantly, because it forces you to know yourself and to realize quickly when you’re twisting. This helps you in life in general in an incredible way.

You learn to tame your emotions. To fit the defeats without falling into pessimism. To enjoy the victories without getting drunk on the ego.

You learn to prioritize as you’ve never done before, concentrating on doing things right, all the time. That is the path of excellence, and you go through it, out of sheer necessity, out of instinct. If that does not make you feel good, nothing can do it. Getting better and better is an incredible feeling.

You become effective, fast, productive, and pragmatic.

You learn to adapt, and each time you respond earlier and better in the face of changes. You are attentive, you are awake. You are here.

And your skills as a trader and investor grow naturally. Every time you have more techniques and resources, you are able to better understand how the world works and take advantage of opportunities that for the rest of the world are … events without further ado.

And all this is entertaining, even fun. Exciting without a doubt.

You grow, you learn, you earn resources and above, you earn money for it.

Trading is the best you can do in the world. Point.

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