Pest control is essential for every household, workplace, and industry. Pests can develop at any place where they find favorable conditions for their survival. There are plenty of pest control products available in the local and online markets.

However, people don’t know about the products for specific pests and might get confused on which to use. If you go to a local pest control store, you may not be able to decide which product to buy if you don’t know about the pests in your home or yard.

This post shares some common types of pest control products and techniques that you can use for your home or any other place infested with pests.

Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control is one of the commonly used products for pest control. It is used to control and manage the parasites and predators in your home or backyard. Biological pest control products not only kill the pests but also prevent them from growing back. For example, you can use nematodes in the soil in your backyard and around your home to get rid of the termites.

Natural Pest Repellants

Natural pest repellants are the natural substances that are used for controlling the pests and insects in and around your home. The natural substances radiate a strong repelling odor that repels the pests away from the area. However, this type of stuff is not strong enough to last longer, and its effectiveness decreases after a few days.

Chemicals for Pest Control

The most popular methods for pest control involve the use of chemicals. They use some form of pest control chemicals and equipment to apply those chemicals. There are multiple chemicals and types of equipment available in the markets.

However, you need to know the correct type of chemical for the pests in your home. It is best to ask a professional before using a product for pest control in your place, and most products are toxic.

Rodent Pest Control Methods

The most common rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels can cause damage to your items and property. Some people use the DIY products to control the rodents at their place while others prefer taking professional help from pest control companies.

Some DIY products for controlling the rodents

  1. Rodenticides
  2. Snap Traps
  3. Ultra-sonic device
  4. Bird of prey
  5. Rodent-destroying animals
  6. Home remedies

There are many pest control companies in Australia. If you live in Geelong or surrounding areas, you can search for pest control Geelong to know about the services in your area. You need to compare the prices and services of various companies before choosing one for your place.

Bird Pest Control Methods

In some countries, the birds like seagulls and pigeons are considered as the pests as they can cause structural damage and disease transmission. It is difficult to stop them from multiplying, and you cannot merely exterminate them from your place.

Even if you chase them away from your place, they are most likely to return which is a significant problem in many countries. Now you can use the bird pest control methods to get rid of them, or you can consult the bird exterminators that have the necessary skills and experience.

Here are some common bird pest control methods that you can use at your home.

  1. Bird-scaring devices
  2. Bird Netting
  3. Spikes
  4. Traps
  5. Fire-imitating gel

Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Gadgets

It is possible to scare some pests using the electromagnetic and ultrasonic gadgets. The electromagnetic gadgets are most commonly used devices for pest control as they have adverse effects on the nervous system of the rodents like mice and ants. The electromagnetic devices can kill the dust mites but can only repel the rodents and insects.

The ultrasonic gadgets radiate the high-frequency sound waves that are very effective in repelling the vermin groups that are in the range of the waves.

Poisoned bait

Poisoned bait is one of the most common and inexpensive methods for pest control around the world. It is highly effective for killing the rodents, termites and many other pests. The poisoned bait attracts the pests to consume the food items that lead to killing many of them.

However, the method may not be effective when used alone as the pests may start avoiding the item after knowing that it can kill them. It is better to use the poisoned bait in combination with other methods.

Final Words

Now as you have read about the most common pest control methods, you can start using the one that suits you the best. However, if you don’t find these methods useful or you are short of time, it is best to consult a professional pest control service. The professional pest control services can advise you to use the best method that suits your environment and recommended for the pests at your place.

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