best Hotels In Alabang

Working in the city has it’s many demands whether in the aspect of work and life and we
sometimes think we deserve a break from doing the same routines every day. Come through
vacation time, one of the best ways people spend their vacations is through “staycations” or
“stay-at-home vacations” in a luxurious hotel whether in Alabang or elsewhere in the

Staycations are way different from spending vacations traveling away from the city. When one
thinks of “staycation”, it automatically means just staying in one place or having no fun at all,
which leads you to think, what can I do during my hotel staycation? Hotels have something for
everyone, and it will guarantee to make you feel calm, feel relaxed and unwind as much as you
want. Here are the different ways you can make most out of your staycation at a hotel.

Enjoy the luxurious food offers
Many people plan their meals ahead or buy the cheapest food they can find at a local
convenience store. It can get sometimes boring having the same meals every day and one of
the best things about having a staycation at a hotel is that you’re able to enjoy the hotel’s
luxurious food offers made by well-trained chefs who took their time in crafting the best meals
for the hotel guests. Whether breakfast buffets or their in meal options for lunch and dinner, it’s
a feast fit for the kings and queens.

Order Room Service
Having room service lets you have the luxury of being a king and queen for a few days. Every
staff is trained in providing the best service for their guests during the whole duration of their
stay. If eating breakfast in bed is a huge no-no, now it’s your time to have it the next morning
after a good night’s sleep. It will definitely taste good just like the hotel’s breakfast buffet. Enjoy
the perks of having someone else do the cleaning for you, just don’t forget to tip them after
every cleaning.

Binge watch some movies and TV series
Another activity that you can do during your staycation is by catching up some TV series or
movies you’ve been setting aside because of your busy schedule. Have a good laugh by
watching comedy shows or cry your heart out with the latest drama or romantic movies.
Whatever genre you’re into, waste no time watching all of your favorites shows and feel your
stress away during your comfortable staycation.

Local Entertainment
One of the hotels highlights aside from the delicious food offers and the comfortable ambiance
of the hotel suites is the entertainment section. You can enjoy watching movies at an in-house
theater, watch live music acts, dance the night away with the local DJ playing behind the music

booth, have fun trying all the games in their in-house casino. It is so much you can do at a fancy
hotel and the best part you don’t need to step outside just for entertainment.
Utilize the different amenities

Choosing a 5-star hotel will give you access to its amazing amenities. There are various
activities for everyone. Bringing the kids along? They will love to take a splash at the swimming
pool or play along at the playground. Reunion with good friends you haven’t seen in a while?
Take them to the hotel’s rooftop bar and share great conversations over good drinks and
delicious finger foods. No matter what the occasion calls for, you can do so many things while
on staycation just like what you can do also with your time spent outdoors.

Disconnect from technology
When having a staycation at a luxurious hotel, it deserves a good boasting on social media for
everyone to see. Yes, it’s good for your social media feeds but it is also important to enjoy the
things and time you have now to rest and explore during your break so turn off that phone and
start making the most out of your staycation disconnected and start connecting with the present
time around you.

Catch up on some zzz’s
Staying in a hotel means you don’t need to wake up early like you used to with your daily routine
is going to work. You also don’t need to think about the hassle traffic and your commute. This is
your chance to get the sleep you’ve been longing for and you can snuggle around the
comfortable bed as much as you want to.

Key Takeaway
Having a staycation in a hotel is more than just staying in bed. Take time to enjoy the best
facilities whether from its delicious food offerings, world-class entertainment, Tired of doing the
same routines every day? One of the best ways to treat yourself is by having a staycation at one
of the best hotels in Alabang.


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