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Search engine optimization is probably one of the most comprehensive forms of digital
marketing. It makes sure that the searchability of content on a website is at its
maximum. The aim of SEO is to make a webpage reach the top of Google’s ranking,
ultimately topping the SERPs (search engine results pages) and becoming visible to
everyone who searches it.

SEO in the Philippines is still relatively young, with only a handful of people
considered as experts in this field. Because of this, there are still a few businesses that
don’t see just how important SEO is to the modern day business.

In fact, there are still numerous companies that don’t make use of SEO in their digital
marketing efforts. This makes it hard for them to get discovered because their visibility
score is relatively low.

Because of how important the Internet is in increasing the reach of a brand, it’s high
time that SEO and other forms of digital marketing get the praise that it deserves. This
article enumerates a few reasons why implementing SEO on your website is the best
thing that you can do to improve your digital marketing efforts!

Build Trust and Credibility
One of the most important aspects of SEO is the fact that it builds trust and credibility
among its readers. In essence, there are many factors that help in establishing these
two. It does, however, need quite some time for trust and credibility to be established.
You need to be consistent in providing high-quality content that has elements such as
quality backlink profiles, positive user behavior. AI and machine learning signals and
many more.

Once trust and credibility are established, Authority follows very closely. It’s not
something that you can manipulate, rather authority is something that you earn over
time. once you’ve established your website as an authority about something, you can
expect an increase in traffic to commence in due time!

Increased Engagement and Traffic
Today there is a significant growth in mobile traffic. This leads to local search becoming
a fundamental part of the success of smaller businesses. Here, the concept of local

SEO comes into play. This type of SEO aims to optimize the digital properties of a
specific vicinity so that people will be able to find your business faster. Since your more
prone to getting searched, it will then lead to an increase in activity in your site, which in
turn will increase the overall engagement of your target audience, and the organic traffic
you get.

The optimization of a brand’s website and content is not something that you should
undermine. As long as you include local references and quality backlinks, as well as
local listings of relevant location and information, then your brand will find improvements
in due time!

SEO is Inexpensive
When compared to the potential of growth that it brings to a business, SEO is surely
cheap for the rewards that it brings. It still costs some money, but it’s well worth the
investment! The effectiveness of SEO is almost always guaranteed, especially when the
efforts implemented are done by experts. In a way, you can stop thinking of it as a
marketing cost, and treat it as a legitimate investment. Something that will mature and
improve with time!

Measurable Variables
SEO brings the added bonus of its success being very quantifiable. You won’t be able
to exactly calculate its ROI, but almost everything else can be properly tracked and
analyzed in real time!

There are many SEO tools on the Internet that allows you to measure engagement,
traffic, searches, and many other variables that are important in digital marketing.
Though there are no correlations between these variables, it is still a very effective way
for you to measure whether or not your SEO efforts are bearing fruit!
In the context of agencies, their clients will want to have detailed reports on the
performance of their digital presence. Of course, when businesses invest on something
they want to see results. And with SEO, the data around it is readily available!

A Priority on Organic Traffic
The performance of many business’s websites relies on organic search. It is one of the
most critical components that should be considered when talking about the activity
within a website. SEO strategies capitalize on increasing the organic traffic that a
website experiences ultimately attracting more and more people into the website!

When SEO tactics begin to bear fruit, it’s the organic traffic that will increase, and with it,
all the other variables that are important to a website’s overall effectiveness!

Key Takeaway
The primary reason why you should apply SEO on your website is to increase its
searchability. Everything else will follow through with it. Your site will become more
authoritative, more trustworthy, and it will experience more organic traffic!
In the Philippines, SEO companies still have a lot to learn. Just remember that as long
as you have the basics, you’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with the SEO industry’s best!

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